081: June 22, 2013

June 22nd, 2013

What a crazy experience I had today. Every time I would attempt to head out for today’s photo, the rain would start before I’d even left the front door and I would head back inside, opting to wait for a less damp moment. My judgement of the weather clearly ended up failing me.

After getting a call for a job this evening, I decided it was about time I got myself in gear and head down to the lifeguard station for today’s photo. As I got closer, I became intrigued by the crowd of people on the beach. It didn’t take long to realize that wedding vows were being spoken into a microphone.


How could I resist the urge to photograph a wedding in this spot that has become a part of my daily routine? Without hesitation, I edged closer to the bride and groom, ignoring the increasing weather. My mind started racing about how wonderful it would be to get the photo of the bride and groom walking in front of the lifeguard station while the crowd of wedding-goers photographed them. (Really, that would have been good..)


Somewhat thankfully I had stepped back to the location where I get the daily photo by the time the rain really started pouring. But not-so-thankfully, I didn’t realize how quick it was going to be coming down in torrential-downpour fashion. I figured I could wait it out, or run home quick enough to protect my camera.

Clearly I should have acted a lot faster. Before I knew it, I was hunched over, pelted with rain, and trying to protect my camera by shoving it up my shirt. Not really the most sane moment of my life. But then again, I’ve been in similar situations in the past. I just obviously haven’t learned from my mistakes.

You think I’d know better by now.


A very kind neighbour gave me an extra doggy-bag and suggested it might at least fit the lens. It did! And I was able to protect the exposed buttons on the camera body itself, allowing me enough protection to run home as fast as possible.

Thank you so very much to the very kind gentleman who saved my camera with that bag. I’m so sorry I didn’t catch your name, but I do hope I can return the favour some day.

I did have a mild panic attack when I got back inside and dried off the camera. Everything seems to be working fine, but only time will tell.

Note to self: never EVER leave the house without at least a garbage bag. No matter what the weather looks like before leaving!


Until tomorrow, stay dry everyone.

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