023: April 25, 2013

April 25th, 2013

Rise and shine Toronto!

After an early morning portrait shoot down by the courts on University Ave. today, I quickly swapped out cards to get today’s Leuty Project photo as I usually do between different shoots. One of my small attempts at keeping assignments organized.

Note to self: always check the size of your card.

A long time ago I accidentally pocketed a 512mb card from a former fellow staffer at an Edmonton Eskimos game. (Sorry about that..) I didn’t notice it until weeks later, and remember not feeling so bad after I realized you could squeeze only maybe 20 photos onto it. I jokingly call it my “good luck” card, but truth be told it’s my “oh-my-god-I-have-no-cards-left,” “crap-which-pocket-are-the-other-ones-in,” “I-hope-I’m-on-my-game-today” card.

Does anyone else remember when 512 was enough to shoot a job on?

Yeah, me either.

Long story short, my mood fouled quickly when I missed a fantastic shot of a little girl chasing her English Bulldog literally right in front of me as my camera mockingly flashed “FULL” at me. Begrudgingly I stomped away to grab a bigger card.

It’s amazing how this project has already grabbed such a hold of me in such a small period of time. Originally just an idea somewhat to keep myself busy, I find myself getting just as emotionally involved with this as I do on my day-to-day assignments for clients.

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